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Trip to Jim Corbett National Park

Despite living for so many years in Delhi and traveling to far flung places, it was only this year that I had the opportunity to travel to one of the finest national parks in India. Yes; it was this January that I had the opportunity to finally travel to Jim Corbett National Park.

Although in terms of spotting wildlife it was an average visit, yet the scenery of the park was simply breathtaking. Would definitely love to return here with more sleeve up my time for better photo ops and wildlife sightings.



Hide & Seek: Photography

Posing for the camera or shying away?


Photograph of a squirrel captured inside Lodi Garden. Squirrels and pigeons are two of the most ubiquitous sights in Delhi especially when you are visiting on of these thousands monuments and gardens in Delhi. So capturing them is easy. What’s not easy is that getting a post that I could find interesting enough to share. However, during my recent visit to Lodi Garden I did manage to get hold of this pic which I think deserves a separate post under the tag photography.

This image was captured using my Canon 600D and has undergone basic light and color adjustment edits. Let me know what you think of it!