Content Marketing: The Knight In Shining Armor For Your Business

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As one of the most effective marketing approaches since the last few years, content marketing is all set to dominate 2015 as well. (And probably a few more years as well!)

According to Content Marketing Institute, even though over 85% of brands are making use of content for marketing today, not all of them believe that they’re good at it. Be it an established brand or someone who is just setting foot in the industry, content is often frowned upon with innumerable doubts in mind.

“Is this blog really going to get me traction?”
“Just how long do I need to keep writing for things to start showing some results?”
“Is it even a wise idea to invest time and money into boosting this 800 word write up?”
“Wait, why did I even start this post? Where am I heading with this?”

So what exactly is content marketing? Why…

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