The Fruit-bearing tree of Karma

The concept of Karma…explained in its totality



Trees make great tools to explain complicated spiritual models. All cultures across the world use trees as their holy symbols, imagery and signs. There is a concept of the upside down Banyan tree in the Bhagwat Gita, where God-head is part of the roots and the actual tree is a representation of the entire world, the Samsara (the endless cycle of birth and death). The leaves of the tree are the life-giving Vedas or sacred hymns through which the tree is sustained. The banyan tree is no ordinary one as it grows roots from its branches and sends them down towards the earth. Later, these roots become part of the trunk of the tree. A Banyan tree can expand sideways to cover a very wide area. So an upside down Banyan tree has roots that go upward, this represents the human world consisting of endless manifestations of the eternal…

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