Trip of a lifetime to Prayag

You must have seen crazy pictures – a tsunami actually – of ash smeared naked hermits/sadhu (I am not sure whether they should be called hermits or not). Locally known as naga baba (the naked monk), they are the favorite subject of photographers especially tourist and media persons from foreign country.

And no guesses for why so…

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The Story Of The Haunted House

Some poems are so special and moving and touch your heart in a way that you can’t help but share them with the world in all the way possible. Reblogging is one of those ways to get more people to read the haunting piece of poetry.

A Shade Of Pen

Some poems are simply special and you do not know why.. this is one like them.. 

Yet another Ekphrastic poetry. Once again, I have sought inspiration from Jon Rainford’s brilliant pictures. Click on the link to behold his beautiful pictures at his Flickr account. The image belongs to Jon (copyright protected) and the picture is linked to source. 

I have seen it all
From the first cries
That brings a smile
As it signals the rightful
Birth of a child
To the loud and happy
Squeals of delight
That is made by
A happy child.

I also saw life unfold
How a little child grew
To the man who ventured out
To work and earn and establish.

I saw the growth of a family
How a man and wife moved along
The dusty roads of rusty life
How they traveled united in times

I saw the cycle repeat
From the…

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