Why must fireflies die so young?

Posted on March 25, 2013


A firefly has blinked out of existence today. Why do they die so young? He was named Jugnu (Firefly). He was about to start his career. And he is no more. How do people deal with such bereavement? Why do fireflies die so young? I got the news today that my cousin passed away in hospital where he was undergoing treatment.

A few day ago he met with an accident. Mom called me and broke the news….she was crying when she told me that he met an accident and both his feet were crushed by a truck. 2 days later when we talked she said he’d be okay. But today he died. The news arrived today out of the blue that Jugnu is no more and tears welled up in my eyes. I was not very close to him. We have met only on a few occasions as my works keep me busy and far. I knew him as a child and a few years back he was in Delhi and stayed close. But the news of his death broke something inside me and I couldn’t just control my emotions.

Why do people feel sad and cry when somebody they know dies? I guess no matter how much time they spend with each other how close they are there’s a thing which causes the pain and leaves one with feeling of bereavement. I guess its the feeling that ones we love will always be around no matter the ephemerality of life. There was a life with possibilities for the young Jugnu who met with an accident on a fateful morning 3 days back.

Now there is bleakness and bereavement in the life of her mother who had him as his only son. There is pain in hearts of all of us who were his friends, families and relatives. May god bless him and give him a special place…a firefly has blinked out so young…may his soul rest in peace.

And I urge you all please drive and ride safely. You are someone’s life, someone’s hope and you are life…don’t give it up so soon.

Please drive carefully and stay safe. Your life does matters and so many look to you and they could find it hard to look any further if you are gone.

And RIP Jugnu…alas fireflies do die so young :-(

Death of a Firefly

Death of a Firefly

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