Jama Masjid – I Love my City Delhi

Posted on November 7, 2012


Jama Masjid - Delhi

A Day in Life – Jama Masjid in Old Delhi is largest and best-known mosque in India.

The Masjid-i Jahān-Numā (Persian: مسجد جھان نما, Devanagari: मस्जिद जहान नुमा, the ‘World-reflecting Mosque’), commonly known as the Jama Masjid (Hindi: जामा मस्जिद, Urdu: جامع مسجد) of Delhi, is the principal mosque of Old Delhi in India. Commissioned by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan,built this mosque in the year 1650 AD and completed in the year 1656 AD, it is the largest and best-known mosque in India. It lies at the beginning of the Chawri Bazar Road, a very busy central street of Old Delhi.

Here’s a shot of the interior showing the whole facade, as well as some people to show the scale. Of course, the whole enclosed area is part of the mosque, the central facade merely houses the mihrab pointing the direction to Mecca. In the left foreground is the pool at which people could perform their ritual ablutions, and on either side are the two minarets from which the muezzin would issue the call to prayer. Even though parts of it need work, there’s a majesty here that is hard to describe.

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