The Big Fat Indian Wedding: On the Wheels

Posted on November 4, 2012


“All tragedies are finished by a death, all comedies by a marriage.”

~Lord Byron

Will it or won’t it break the jinx that is associated mostly with celebrity weddings in Rajasthan. Be it Liz Hurley and business tycoon Arun Nayar, Madonna and Guy Ritchie, Priya and Vikram Chatwal, Kate Perry and Russel Brand and more recently newly wed royal couple of Bhutan; Rajasthan – ablaze with history and heritage, magic and magnificence, spectacular tales of valor and heroism and resplendent forts, palace and havelis – beckons red-hot, super-rich and famous glitterati; notwithstanding the fact that just after a few-months-pompously-married-and-then-happily-divorced Elizabeth Hurley was out cheering for her new love interest Shane Warne who captained the Rajasthan Royals IPL Franchise.

The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Kate Perry and Russel Brand married in Rajasthan, India

The allure of the “Land of Maharajas” Rajasthan, among royal dignitaries and global celebrities, lies in its royal heritage and cultural aesthetics – which euphemistically refers to Western perception of a region where one could still encounter snake charmers and desert folk dancers and camels and elephants and sam sand dunes.

Digressions apart what I was trying to talk about in this post is that ‘the Big Fat Indian Wedding ‘ just got a whole lot bigger. Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation , operators of the Palace on Wheels train just announced that India’s award winning luxury train will now offer royal wedding package on wheels to add that special and unique touch to that special moment of life…a time of beautiful beginning.

Looking at the growing global popularity of Rajasthan as a wedding destination to say that marriages may be made in heaven but they are billed in Rajasthan would not be an overstatement. But the question is could Palace on Wheels wedding break the jinx of celebrity marriage in Rajasthan?

Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels Train

If the authorities are to be believed, the Palace on Wheels wedding charter would cost a whopping INR 1.85 crore or US $0.35 Million and mind you this wedding charter will actually save you 17% of the actual train charter fare. Further it is also claimed by the authorities that with all services availed the cost will not go beyond paltry INR 2.5 crores or US $0.46 Millions.

Provided you could afford it – which celebrities and millionaires kind of always do – you may charter entire Palace on Wheels to make your wedding one of its kind experiences. Certainly no one has offered it before so mind you the journey’s going to be a record setting event and exclusivity and extensive worldwide media coverage and glitterati glam is definitely guaranteed.

By the way those of you who are not aware of this train in Rajasthan India, Palace on Wheels is voted 4th best luxury train in the world and definitely the most authentic luxury train trip in India – Not sure if it’s the most luxurious still since the introduction of Maharajas’ Express which if luxury travel watchdogs are to e believed could give run for money to the Orient Express of the West.

All aboard Palace on Wheels

Traditional Welcome – Guests about to board the Palace on Wheels

Introduced in 1982 and initially comprising of private carriages used my maharajas and viceroys of India, Palace on Wheels was an endeavor to present Rajasthan’s heritage culture and royal legacy – evident in mighty fortresses, painted havelis and culture. Presently, Palace on Wheels packs  a punch offering seamless fusion of elegance, romance and modernity. Aesthetically appointed interiors, tastefully crafted itinerary which bundles an array of cultural interactions into guest experiences, gracious hospitality and modern amenities such as spa and fitness car makes Palace on Wheels tour one of the best and unique in its category. Well not enough…check he details on Palace on Wheels train website.

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

The Living Legends of Royal India – Mehrangarh Fort is one of the largest fortresses in the world

Well still not sure whether Palace on Wheels could break the jinx which come back to dog most of the celebrity marriages in Rajasthan but that is to be seen. I hope like the continuing successful run of this Indian luxury train and new milestones that it keep setting, the weddings on board should be as long lasting and magical.

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